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“If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything”.

This is a centuries-old truism we take seriously at Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH). We are, first and foremost, a wellness company. We seek to manufacture, market, and distribute superior products that provide not only good value for our consumers, but also improve their lives. From our uniquely sterilized tissue products, and skin-friendly baby and adult diapers, to our newest addition to the FHH Family - innovative personal protective equipment (PPE), long lasting germ protection solutions, natural nutritional supplements and Nai Arabia 100% natural beverages - each and every day we help the wellness of millions of individuals and their families in over 80 countries across the globe. This is our aim: to improve the lives of our region’s — and the world’s — consumers.

This commitment extends into everything we do. Our employees are our most important asset. They are the backbone of FHH. We are committed to the well-rounded health and well-being of our employees, and to creating an environment that attracts and retains the best. We aspire to become a company, where quite simply, “people love to join and hate to leave.”

We also fervently believe that we must give back to the very communities that we work, live, and play in. Giving back is a fundamental part of our DNA. Our legacy stretches far beyond products and services, but to serving humanity and helping in small yet meaningful ways, making our world a better place.

Our Heritage

Our founder, Elia Nuqul, believed in looking for opportunities where others failed to see them. He established Nuqul Brothers Company in 1952, a modest trade and import business for food and consumer goods. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability that was far ahead of his time, Elia's business grew steadily, and he began to seek new ways to expand.

At that time, hygienic paper products were not widely available in the MENA region. Elia saw enormous potential in this market segment, and he went on to establish Fine Hygienic Holding (formerly known as Fine Hygienic Paper Company) in 1958. Read more

The founder realized early on the need to create awareness and with his entrepreneurial vision, he introduced consumers to the highest quality toilet paper and facial tissues at affordable prices.

By committing to ethical business practices, Fine quickly cemented its status as the regional industry leader. It continued to build on this success over the years, developing new products and hygienic solutions, patenting new processes and technologies, and expanding into untapped markets.

Until this day, Elia's original forward-thinking and vision continue to shape our values. It is this rich heritage that inspires the work we do today as well as our passion for a better tomorrow. Read less

Our Vision

We will become the shining star of the Arab FMCG business world. We will take on the iconic global FMCG companies with pride and daring. We will win leadership market share by out-innovating and out-maneuvering competition.
All of this shall culminate by taking FHH public on a global-leading exchange, and making FHH a preferred investment for the global financial community. We will, in every sense of the word, become truly a “big-time” company—uttered in the same breath alongside the world’s finest corporations and organizations.

Corporate Governance

To ensure we are committed to all our stakeholders, our corporate governance is structured in a way that supports both strategy and leadership. We realize the importance of good governance practices as a driver for stability and excellence in our business. We do this in four key ways:

 Defining the risk appetite
 Overseeing the overall strategy
 Evaluating and compensating our employees
 Enhancing and safeguarding our stakeholders' interests

Moreover, our three principles work to further enhance our continuous efforts in corporate governance: 

Board of Directors Charter

The Charter defines the board's relationship with the executive management, with clear separation of ownership and management. It sets the grounds for selecting independent members and serves as the terms of reference on issues regarding meetings, board term and term limits, attendance policy, voting, compensation of board members, avoiding conflict of interest, board committees, performance evaluation and communication with shareholders.

Group Standard Manual (GSM)

The GSM sets out in detail all policies and procedures that have been developed and customized for our group, encompassing all organizational functions and activities. The GSM covers 15 areas: Strategy, Organization, HR, Communication, Marketing, Operations, Procurement, Code of Conduct / Core Values, Safety, Security, IT, Archiving, Contracts and Legal Obligations, Insurance, and Finance.

Code of Business Ethics

We demand and maintain the highest ethical standards in carrying out our activities. We abide strictly by all local and international laws and regulations. Our Code of Business Ethics expresses the principles of conduct and is intended to assist all employees in meeting the highest standards of personal and professional integrity required of them. It is comprehensive, covering areas from financial reporting to workplace ethics.

Furthermore, and in cases where the chain of command is not applicable or appropriate, our corporate integrity hotline, a specialized communication network, including an email and a toll-free phone service - can be employed to communicate any behavior by any employee that is in violation. Cases are reported and actions are communicated directly to the Board of Directors' Audit Committee on a case-by-case basis.

You can read our Code of Business Ethics (CoBE) by selecting your preferred language; English or Arabic.


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