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As an active participant in and signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, we believe in doing our part to implement socially and environmentally responsible business practices, and to offer open, transparent reporting on these efforts. Through a comprehensive sustainability management framework, we work to address the lasting impact of our operations across all levels.

For us, sustainability is more than just the long-term growth of our business; it is about the long-term wellbeing of our consumers, our families, our communities, our shareholders, and our planet.

Learn more about our efforts by reading or downloading our previous sustainability reports.

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Environmental Sustainability

We believe that business growth and environmental stewardship go hand-in-hand. As a company that relies on sustainable natural resources and as citizens of the world, we care for the preservation of our planet. We take real, concrete steps to guarantee that our impact on the environment is a positive one.

Sustainable Forestry & Intelligent Resource Management

It is important for us to make sure that we are giving back to our planet more than we take from it; for every tree we use in production, we plant an average of five.
All of our hygienic paper products use 100% virgin pulp provided by responsible, environmentally sustainable plantations and pulp providers. We carefully verify our suppliers' credentials and encourage them to get certified by international organizations, like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

Recycling & Waste Management

We are deeply committed to responsible waste management, and work with trusted third-party contractors to ensure that the vast majority of the waste we generate is recycled for other uses. We have proudly reached our goal of zero landfill waste across all of our operations: everything we dispose of is sent to recycling facilities and reused for other manufacturing activities. We have reduced our hazardous waste to almost negligible amounts, and are careful to ensure that even these small quantities are responsibly disposed of.

Responsible Production & Operations

We aim to minimize our pulp, energy, and water consumption across all levels of our operations. We are already the industry leader in minimizing water usage, and we continue to look for new ways to conserve resources.


Clean Development Mechanism Project

In order to support global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, we have implemented a project that reduces CO2 and GHG emissions at our facilities in Egypt. By diversifying our sources of electricity generation, we are less reliant on grid-generated electricity, and we have reduced our CO2 emissions by an estimated 25,384 tons per year.
To learn more about our efforts to protect and preserve the planet, you can read the latest edition of our annual Sustainability Report.


Social Responsibility

For many businesses, social responsibility is just another item on the corporate agenda; for us, it is a way of life. From the very beginning, we recognized the importance of supporting the communities in which we operate via sustainable initiatives.

Wherever we operate, you will find us engaging with local communities, addressing important social issues and working to help those in need. We make monthly contributions to charitable organizations, sponsor educational opportunities for students and orphans, and support mothers and families across the region.

Khair Al Koura

Our flagship CSR program is one of our proudest achievements. Launched in 2007 and expanded in 2012, Khair Al Koura is a first-of-its-kind initiative designed to promote integrated, locally sustainable development in an underdeveloped community in Al Koura district located in Jordan's northwestern Irbid governorate.

Through this public-private partnership, we address the various factors that improve the lives of Al Koura residents. Our beneficiaries are engaged in a variety of programs empowering them to pursue new income-generating opportunities. These programs include the development of a chemical-free farming project, a food processing unit, a soap and candle manufacturing operation, and a country kitchen, which uses local produce to prepare fresh and healthy meals.

Education is another key component; we have established two educational robotics laboratories thus far, and have trained 180 public school teachers in advanced Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) teaching techniques. We have also implemented a program for legal aid, created another for computer literacy for housewives, and we regularly sponsor artistic and cultural events for local youth.

Furthermore, we have established a labelling and packaging unit in the district, which provides training and employment opportunities for some of the residents.


Other Initiatives

Health & Wellness

As a company that specializes in hygienic products and solutions, we make sure to support health awareness and wellness initiatives in the communities where we operate. In Jordan, we regularly partner with the Royal Health Awareness Society and the Greater Amman Municipality to educate students across the Kingdom about the importance of good hygiene.

Meanwhile, in the UAE, we have sponsored events like the annual Beat Diabetes Walk, which promotes education and research related to diabetes.

Education & Youth

We believe in supporting the education and wellbeing of youth in each community we work in. In Egypt, we cover the expenses necessary to provide hundreds of students with literacy classes and offer internship opportunities for students from the Mubarak-Kohl technical schools. In both Jordan and Saudi Arabia, we host factory tours for local students, showcasing our capabilities as well as our commitment to the futures of local youth.

In Jordan, we serve as an active partner to INJAZ, a leading NGO dedicated to bridging the gap between education and the evolving needs of the labor market.

Family & Society

Our relentless support to underprivileged communities stems from our firm belief that everyone deserves a fair chance. In the UAE, we support organizations like Beit Al Khair Society, which works to alleviate the hardships of struggling community members. We also support the Dubai Autism Center and Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs.

In Jordan and Egypt, we provide aid to underprivileged families throughout the year and work to meet their specific needs by donating items such as clothes and heaters.

Diversity & Inclusion

For Fine Hygienic Holding, diversity is more than just the right thing to do – we believe that it is essential for the prosperous future of our business. Having a varied, diverse team provides a wealth of different perspectives, experiences and approaches, all of which come together to form a team which is more creative, innovative, and effective.

In light of this belief, our policies regarding employee recruitment, development, and growth are built around a fixed set of principles dictating that no employee shall be discriminated against based on his or her age, race, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, disability or any other factor not directly related to their professional ability. Fine focuses on the substance – not the style.Read more

These policies were designed to ensure a welcoming and inclusive workplace environment for all, where no employee is judged by superficial factors. Fine is a meritocracy – the only obstacle between an employee and promotion is their performance, and anyone is in a position to succeed and move up.

Our commitment to a diverse workforce and an inclusive workforce culture is reflected in the high rate of inclusion in our leadership team, which comprises a mix of nationalities and backgrounds, in addition to an impressive 31% of the team being made up of women.

Our policies regarding inclusion, tolerance, and gender diversity were recognized by the “Break the Ceiling, Touch the Sky” Leonie Awards in 2018, where several members of our executive team were given awards celebrating their progressive and diverse approaches. We were honored to receive these awards, but for us, fostering diversity and inclusion isn’t about winning awards. It’s about doing the right thing, and making our company into the best possible version of itself - by including everyone with the will to succeed, no matter who they are. Read less

Commitment to Health

For Fine Hygienic Holding, wellness is key to living a happy and long life. In light of this belief, we have launched the “Feel Good” platform as the go-to wellness hub in the MENA region, focusing on mental and physical wellness and health.
On the “Feel Good” platform, you’ll find the answers to all of your wellness needs through tons of helpful guides, tips, suggestions to help you achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle. Backed by scientific discoveries and health experts, the knowledge we share is credible, medical, and, of course, accessible! Read more

What’s our mission? To help you feel like your best self through holistic, well-balanced health of mind and body. We do this by breaking wellness down into easy to understand ideas and actions that you can use every day. No matter where you are in your wellness journey, “Feel Good” offers you all the tools you need to take your well-being to the next level.
We know that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions— wellness is a unique experience for everybody. That’s why we work to provide you with tips on nutrition, fitness, health, beauty, mental relaxation and more— tailored especially for your lifestyle.
You deserve to feel your best every day. Visit “Feel Good” and discover how you can take the next steps in your wellness journey.
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