21 April 2020

Fine Hygienic Holding Doubles the Amount of its Coronavirus Relief Fund to $2 Million

Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), one of the world’s leading Wellness Groups and manufacturer of hygienic paper products, announced that it is doubling the value of its Relief Fund, adding to the previously-announced $1 Million,  to now $ 2 Million to provide much-needed aid to its various communities across the MENA region. For a regional family-owned company the size of FHH, this is an incredibly generous donation, equivalent to a 1 $ Billion donation from a global company with an annual worldwide revenue in the tens of billion dollars.

Speaking about the increase in the allocated relief fund, Chairman of FHH Ghassan Nuqul said, “The COVID-19 pandemic marks an unprecedented time which has hit many of our communities hard, because the resolution of this crisis is taking a much longer time than anticipated we have decided to extend our support by allocating an extra $ 1 million to our relief fund to help communities in the MENA region combat the spread of COVID-19.”

The fund covers a dynamic range of relief for those most in need during the crisis in the form of monetary donations in support of governments and various charities, as well as crucial hygienic products. The aid is distributed mainly among the communities in which FHH operates including Jordan, Egypt, KSA, the UAE, as well as Morocco.

For his part, FHH’s CEO James Michael Lafferty, said, “The pandemic is a wreaking havoc on every country, every industry, and virtually every family. We have already exceeded the threshold of $ 1 million, but there is still more to be done and we feel it is our duty to continue our efforts of aid until the crisis is resolved. We feel strongly committed to standing tall with the governments and the civil society organizations in the countries we operate in, who are sparing no effort in combating the virus and helping those most vulnerable. We remain utterly determined to do all we can to help our communities to the best of our ability.”

When the Coronavirus first hit Jordan, Fine Hygienic Holding donated around $ 100,000 to the government and security agencies, but when the virus continued to spread, the company increased its support to reach $850,000. The company has also supported other governments and local NGOs across the region including Morocco where it donated around $180,000, while in the UAE the company donated nearly $100,000. The company’s efforts have also extended beyond the MENA region, and as far away as hard-hit Italy and Philippines, aid has been donated to front-line healthcare workers.

Fine Hygienic Holding is dedicated to being part of the solution to the COVID-19 crisis, and will continue to do everything in its power to help stifle the spread of the virus and protect the health and wellness of its communities across the MENA region.