21 March 2020

Fine Hygienic Holding Gives Government Donation of Hygienic Tissue and Face Masks Worth 100,000 USD

In support of government efforts to combat the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and as a contribution to preserving public health and safety Jordan, Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), one of the world’s leading Wellness Groups and manufacturer of hygienic paper products, distributed  Fine guard masks to a number of government institutions, as well its hygienic products valued at USD 100,000. The group also recently announced that it will continue supporting national institutions by providing them with a discount valued at one million dollars, on all of its hygienic and sterilizing products and solutions that carry the Fine brand up to $ 1 million.GhassanNuqul-Chairma...

The products that were offered to the government included thousands of the recently launched face masks “Fine Guard,” which are enhanced with the patented Swiss LIVUNGUARD  technology; a chemical-free technology that eliminates bacteria and viruses at the molecular level by disrupting their synthesis and functioning, making these products highly dependable by the Ministry of Health and medical teams, due to its readiness and willingness to provide health services without compromising public safety. The products also included Fine’s sterilized tissue, which is manufactured using their patented Steripro technology.

Speaking about the donation, Chairman of the Board of Directors of FHH, Ghassan Nuqul, said: "While the Kingdom and the world witness extenuating circumstances, we must gather around our wise leadership and national institutions more than ever before, and contribute to resolution of this pandemic. We consider it our responsibility to be part of the solution, and to offer our products in the field of health, in order to preserve our community’s safety, as we consider our people one of the most valuable assets of the Kingdom. We will not stop at this point; we are utterly determined to do all we can to actively participate in preventing the spread of this virus and to protect our beloved Jordan and its people across all segments.