13 January 2020

Leading FMCG Company Chooses Oracle Cloud to Accelerate Growth

Fine Hygienic Holding is one of the region’s most recognized and trusted pro- ducer of hygienic solutions, serving customers across 75 different countries. In the company’s bid to efficiently predict and meet customer demands while achieving their business objectives, the company has embarked on both a digital and business transformation journey.YP

The company has been going through more than just a digital transformation as it recently had a huge management restructuring; whereby about 18 months ago a brand-new management team was brought in from different parts of the world to offer a truly international perspective to their mission. In addition, retaining some of the more experienced members of the Leadership to also maintain a cultural understanding of the Fine brand.

“The leadership team was brought in to give us energy and take us to an IPO standard. We want to be at a calibre where we can float in the stock market and expand our business. We are now a wellness company; everyone knows us for the tissue boxes and toilet rolls we produce but recently we acquired Nai drinks to expand our portfolio and further entry into the wellness market. We also promote wellness within our organisation through the way we operate, in that we have an open environment and an open way of interacting with each other, as well as one of the leading on premise work gyms in the region” said Yahyah Pandor, CIO, Fine Hygienic Holding, or Fine as he so often referred to the organisation.

During the tour of the facilities at Fine, one gets a sense of what Pandor is talking about as they employ an open office plan where employees, regardless of their position, interact freely with one another; a strategy which he stresses gets the best out of everyone in the team. From colourful walls filled with inspiring quotes in meeting rooms to telephone booth themed call centres and a state-of- the-art fitness centre, one quickly understands the theme of wellness the management is going for.

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