18 June 2019

Fine Hygienic Holding Opens Region’s First World-class Corporate Wellness Center

Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hygienic paper and diaper products, is deeply committed to promoting and enhancing a healthy lifestyle. In addition to the work they have done outside the company promoting health and wellness, they want every part of their own workforce to be healthier, fitter, and happier. In aid of this goal, FHH has developed a world-class Corporate Wellness Center at their offices in Dubai in order to bring these values to the home front. 20190617_151108

The center is a state-of-the-art fitness space, equipped with the latest exercise and fitness equipment, including 16 top-of-the-line machines, as well as a yoga studio, a high-intensity training track, and full locker rooms, showers and changing rooms that allow staff to work out during any break time. This center is an investment into the health and wellness of the Fine team, with no expense spared in ensuring that employees can exercise efficiently, effectively, and safely.

“I want to ensure that every member of our team cares as much for their own wellbeing as they care about this company,” said FHH’s CEO James Michael Lafferty. “What we have built here are the finest corporate facilities in the MENA region, and among the very finest in the world. A wellness center like this one will enable our team to accomplish amazing physical feats on par with the incredible work they do every day making this company the shining star of the Arab FMCG world.”

A sound body is the key to a sound mind, and this new fitness center will ensure that Fine’s team – already one of the most talented and hardworking workforces in the world – will continue to operate at their maximum capacity, and live life to the very fullest every day. As FHH laid out in its own core values, “if we take care of our people, the business will take care of itself.”