30 June 2019

Fine Unleashes its Ultimate Kitchen Offering: Super Towel PRO

In our daily struggle to keep our homes clean and hygienic, the paper towel is the first line of defence. Of the many brands available in the market, many lack the strength, absorbency, or hygienic standards to clean up big spills and stains. Fine Hygienic Holding is proud to announce the release of the latest tool in the battle for better hygiene: the Super Towel Pro, the only paper towel you will ever need again.SuperTowelPRO2

For years, paper towels were only suitable to handle small spills and stains, while bigger jobs were reserved for cloth towels and newspaper – but not any longer. The extraordinary strength and resilience of its 3-ply design, coupled with the ultra-absorbency its embossing pattern offers, make this the only towel a homeowner needs to keep a spotless kitchen, tackling any mess while outlasting and outperforming the competition. In fact, thanks to its ground-breaking 4D technology, which utilizes a new chemical engraving technique that was developed to improve critical paper properties such as resistance, bulk, and absorbency, Super Towel Pro can absorb and clean up to four times as much as the competition.

“The Super Towel PRO is the ultimate tool in the fight to keep homes hygienic and healthy, and we look forward to Fine customers everywhere to start experiencing the benefits of its exceptional design, powerful absorbency, and greater hygiene for themselves,” said Andrea Janjua, Chief Tissue Category at FHH. “Our paper towels are a cornerstone of our business, and we have poured our time and efforts into creating a product that is so effective and so reliable that it stands out as the clear choice for consumers across our markets”.

Reusing cloth towels around the kitchen can lead the build-up of unsafe and unhealthy bacteria that ends up on surfaces, plates, cups – and eventually food and drink. The single-use design and Fine’s patented SteriPro technology led to the Super Towel PRO becoming the first and only paper towel to be certified by ISEGA, the prestigious German food and hygiene standards institute.

In addition to its ISEGA certification, the Super Towel PRO has also been certified by the Family Hygiene Institute (FHI) as the only clean and hygiene towel in the world. The FHI, which operates under the patronage of the Medical Wellness Association (MWA), was founded to promote high standards of health and hygiene for products directed at families, and to reinforce these values around the world.