18 March 2019

Fine’s Latest Community Outreach Program in Egypt Tackles Illiteracy

For Fine Hygienic Holding, the countries in which it operates are more than just markets: they are communities to be celebrated and empowered. In Egypt, where illiteracy is an unfortunate reality for many of its citizens, Fine is taking the initiative and doing everything it can to combat the problem. Since 2011, the region’s leading manufacturer of hygienic paper products has been conducting a literacy program known as “An Egyptian Village Free from Illiteracy”, in cooperation with the Adult Education Authority, in the hopes of eradicating this problem entirely.

Recently, over 400 adults from three villages in the Giza Governorate took part in order to develop their literacy and numeracy skills in a nine-month program. Given the course’s challenging nature, Fine offered special prizes and rewards to 3 outstanding students and 3 inspiring teachers every month, motivating students and encouraging determination, focus, and drive. The course ended with an intensive and rigorous examination, testing the full extent of the skills gained by its students.

“When we give back to the community, we aim to identify a major problem and then have a big impact upon it,” said James Michael Lafferty, CEO of FHH. “Egypt is one of our most valued markets, and we want to provide its people with more than just high-quality hygienic paper products. Literacy is an important part of improving quality of life, and we believe that this program is the most effective way of eradicating it from these communities. I am proud of the wonderful people who organized and executed the program this year, and of all the brave people who took part.”

Illiteracy remains a major hindrance to the communities which took part in the program. In 2018, the program has empowered 1,753 people with its teachings, which represents meaningful progress, but suggests a long way to go before the problem is solved. Fine remains committed in its mission to stamp out illiteracy in these communities, and will continue the program this year to this effect.