19 November 2018

Fine Hygienic Holding Thinks Outside the Cubicle - Group unveils forward-thinking new offices for its Dubai operations

It’s no coincidence that some of the world’s most successful and innovative companies – think Google, Apple, or Facebook – are famous for their unorthodox work environments. Forward-thinking organizations around the globe have discovered that breaking out of the cubicle – and even away from the desk altogether – can be a boon for creativity and productivity.

It should come as no surprise, then, that when Fine Hygienic Holding recently chose to upgrade its Dubai offices, the group took an unconventional approach to redesigning its workspace. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hygienic paper products, Fine has always been a leader and innovator in its field – and now the group has taken that trailblazing approach a step further with its newly redesigned UAE offices.649A4983

The group’s new workspace – located in Dubai’s Jebel Ali Free Zone – is situated across two floors, and employs an open-plan layout that gives the office a spacious and airy ambiance while encouraging employees to more readily interact and collaborate throughout their workday. Fine has also embraced a modern design aesthetic that puts its team members’ physical and mental health at the top of its priorities, with bright colors, ample sunlight, and a wealth of features designed to help employees stay active while in the office. These include everything from an exercise discussion space to an in-office running track – perfect for holding active meetings – to swings, a skateboard ramp and track, and even a fire pole connecting the first floor to the ground floor. And for team members who need a little more stillness and quiet reflection, the office’s meditation room is an idyllic place to destress and recharge.

A wealth of unique meeting spaces and seating arrangements also encourage Fine’s Dubai-based staff to think outside the traditional meeting room. With comfortable sofas, majlis-style sitting areas, a casual meeting space shaped like a hot air balloon, and myriad other communal workspaces, the group’s employees can readily change their environment any time they need to think outside the box.

Fine’s new Dubai offices also embrace the group’s history and values at every turn, reminding employees of its proud, illustrious history of excellence and innovation. On the ground floor, the Fine Story Wall relays the story of how the group grew from its humble Jordanian roots into the innovative multinational powerhouse it is today. Meanwhile, the office’s meeting rooms have been given names that embody the values of Fine Hygienic Holding, such as the Ibtikar (Innovation) Room, the Fikr (Idea) Room, and the Huloul (Solution) Room.

“Our new offices are fantastic; they are inspirational, flexible, unique, promote creativity, get people out of their comfort zones and into a mindset of endless possibilities and opportunities,” commented Andrea Janjua, Chief Tissue Category. “I cannot wait to brainstorm and think of my next big business breakthrough in this space. My favorite addition is the yoga room, so I’m shopping for an office yoga mat,”

“The new office has the ultimate setup to attract and retain talents. Considering that Fine Hygienic Holding is aiming to become a digital trailblazer in the FMCG industry, forward thinking developers and digital gurus have a new home in Dubai,” said Joseph Noujaim, FHH’s Digital Transformation Executive Director.

By incorporating the group’s proud roots and longstanding values into its progressive new office space, Fine Hygienic Holding is proving that sometimes it’s the companies with the richest pasts that are best equipped to lead the way into the future. And with a dynamic new workspace for its Dubai-based employees, Fine is also demonstrating why it continues to be the shining star of the Arab FMCG world.