15 October 2018

Fine Solutions Supports MedLabs’ Nationwide Health Initiative

Fine Solutions, the away-from-home division of MENA’s leading hygienic solutions group Fine Hygienic Holding, has partnered with MedLabs Consultancy Group to provide free Vitamin D screenings at its health laboratories to people across Jordan. The initiative, which was organized to honor MedLab’s 25th anniversary, took place over the period of one month in different parts of the Kingdom. The aim of this partnership was to improve the health of the population, which reflects Fine’s commitment to supporting local communities and improving their quality of life.

MedLabs operates 40 laboratories across the Kingdom where Vitamin D screenings were being administered free of charge. Complimentary Fine Solutions’ products were available at these labs and were being distributed to promote healthy and hygienic living. This campaign was one of the largest medical goodwill operations in Jordan and Fine Solutions’ participation in it stemmed from its responsibility to continue making Jordan a better, happier and healthier place.

“We are so happy to be making a difference by providing access to professional and reliable medical services to people from all over the country,” said Nedal Al-Zatari, Chief Fine Solutions. “We are glad to have had the chance to work with MedLabs teams, who have been doing excellent work to improve the quality of life in Jordan for a quarter of a century. I hope that this campaign raised health awareness in the Kingdom, and demonstrated to people that being healthy is an achievable goal, which everyone should reach for.”

Fine Solutions is the away-from-home division of Fine Hygienic Holding, providing businesses and institutions with the solutions they need to ensure a clean, hygienic work environment. Powered by a commitment to continuous innovation, Fine Solutions utilizes its superb resources, consistent operational excellence, and extensive experience to ensure its place as a regional leader in the hygiene industry.