11 August 2018

Fine Hygienic Holding’s Leadership Retreat Brings Management Closer Together

As a market leader, and one of the most prominent companies in the MENA region, Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH) works towards the future by attracting the best talent, and maintaining the strength of its leadership team. The CEO and the top executives from all of the company’s Middle Eastern and North African subsidiaries recently came together for a Leadership Team Retreat held in Dubai to focus on culture change – reflecting on innovation, communication, transparency, learning and development as well as the company’s bright future.Retreat

In addition to a series of important discussions held on the company’s future prospects, a number of activities took place to encourage team building, improve communication, and bring out the best in the management team. In an effort to reinforce and consolidate FHH’s vision and direction, the great minds behind the MENA region’s favorite manufacturer of hygienic paper products worked together to discuss the evolution of Fine’s corporate culture and the continued realization of the company’s long-term action plan to achieve its strategy.

“This retreat was a truly special occasion for all of us, as it gave us the opportunity to both reflect on the amazing work we have done already this year and look ahead to the bright future we’re building together,” said FHH CEO James Michael Lafferty. “Fine is still growing and changing as an organization, and it is important that those in charge of driving the company’s vision can all work together as one team. We can now return to our respective markets with renewed vigor, and endeavor to truly make Fine the shining star of the Arab FMCG business world.”

Diversity is a critical component of Fine’s leadership philosophy and reflects the forward-thinking values that drive the company’s continuous growth and progress. FHH’s leadership team is made up of talented individuals representing five different nationalities, with each executive offering something unique to the overall potential and performance of the company. Fine also works tirelessly to empower women in its workforce, with four women already serving on its executive leadership team – each specialized in different aspects of the company’s operations.