01 February 2018

Fine’s Pioneering Khair Al Koura Program Named CSR Program of the Year

فاينالصحية...At Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is more than just an initiative; it is a way of life. For a company dedicated to improving the lives of the local communities in which it operates, seeing its society flourish is priceless. Validating this desire to create a happier world, FHH is proud to announce its Khair Al Koura program was voted CSR program of the Year at the 1st annual Jordan Business Awards.

The program was voted the best from among all nominees alongside that of Orange, with representatives from Jordan Business Magazine praising the program’s thorough approach to creating sustainable development opportunities for the people of the Al Koura district in Irbid.  CEO Salim Karadsheh accepted the award on behalf of FHH at the ceremony on Sunday.

“We do not invest resources in CSR to gain recognition,” said Karadsheh, commenting on the award. “Yet our objectives have always been to create a successful program then advocate other companies to follow suit. The award goes a long way in our advocacy efforts for which we thank Jordan Business Magazine, the voters and our partners and employees that participated in its creation. We hope this inspires more companies to incorporate social responsibility into their company’s values and helps to pave the way for future CSR developments at Fine.”

Indeed, FHH’s Khair Al Koura program sets a new standard for CSR in the region. Rather than being a quick fix to alleviate local poverty in the short-term, it is a continuing process for helping to improve the community. Launched in 2007, Khair Al Koura was designed to promote integrated and locally sustainable development in the underdeveloped community of Al Koura, and has assisted more than 6,000 beneficiaries to date.

Through this public-private partnership, FHH is able to empower citizens to pursue income-generating opportunities including the development of a chemical-free farm; a food processing unit; a packaging entity, a soap and candle manufacturing operation; a country kitchen, using local produce to prepare fresh and healthy meals, and social components covering education, legal aid, and arts.

FHH is committed to investing in education in the area, like it does in many of its local communities, establishing two educational robotics laboratories and training more than 180 public school teachers in advanced Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) teaching techniques. In addition, FHH implemented a program for legal aid, which has since provided 41 legal awareness workshops, training 4,000 participants and 129 consultancies. Furthermore, FHH created a workshop to teach computer literacy to housewives and regularly sponsors artistic and cultural events for local youth, which have directly benefitted at least 27 members of the community.