18 May 2016

A Jordanian Made Product: “Fine Baby®” Receives the Endorsement of the “Medical Wellness Association”

In 1Q2A0169today’s world, with so many brands and such a stream of innovation, consumers are often confused. Research done globally has consistently indicated that consumers are overwhelmed by choices and how to differentiate between brands. As a result, many consumers will look to authority figures to help them decipher the various choices and arrive at the right option for their family and circumstances. Often, these authority figures are professional associations, whose sole purpose is knowing the intricate details of their area of expertise.

Take toothpaste as an example: there are so many brands claiming so many different benefits from anti-cavity to fresh breath to anti plaque and tartar! So often the consumer will opt, in her state of confusion, to buy what is recommended by the dental association. Consumers trust dentists when it comes to making choices about their teeth! Baby Diapers are no different: There is a great deal of innovation and varying promises and it can be confusing for a new mom, learning all the aspects of parenting, to know what diaper to choose in her attempt to provide the best for her baby!

Today is a proud day for Jordan and a Jordanian made product. The prestigious “Medical Wellness Association”, in a bid to help consumers decipher what is the best option for their babies, has done extensive research and analysis on the various options in the Jordanian and global markets. And after all the data was in, they have decided for the FIRST TIME to endorse a diaper brand, the FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD. And it is one of our very own, a Jordanian Diaper: Fine Baby®!”

In a press conference held under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Ali Hiyasat, the Minister of Health, Mr. Ghassan Nuqul, “Fine Hygienic Holding” Chairman, said “We are honored to receive such an endorsement from a globally renowned association. This is a remarkable achievement for Fine Hygienic Holding Group and is another proof of our long-standing history and commitment to providing world-class hygiene products to our consumers in the markets we have presence in”.

Nuqul pointed out that this achievement is not only for Fine Hygienic Holding, but also for the Kingdom as a whole; having a Jordanian product receive a recognition from a respected organization such as the Medical Wellness Association.

The diapers’ testing was done not only in the region, but also in globally recognized laboratories in France and the United States of America. All vectors of diaper performance were tested including a focus on absorbency, arguably the key measure of performance. Fine Baby® met all the requirements of the highest standards set by the “Medical Wellness Association” and received the endorsement for its highest performance in providing superior skincare for babies.

As a final step, the “Medical Wellness Association” looked at the pricing, given affordability will always be important.

Adding all the pieces together, Fine Baby® comes out as the winner!

Salim Karadsheh, “Fine Hygienic Holding” CEO, said “This endorsement is a result of the strict scientific and hygienic methodology we follow in developing our various products, and that’s what differentiates us from others in the market. Our teams work diligently to design and develop high quality products offered at competitive prices - products that they themselves will use for their families.”