01 April 2016

A field tour under the patronage of the Jordan Chamber of Industry

Fine unveils new technology at its Jordan factory

2Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), one of the top global leading paper manufacturing companies, announced its success in developing "No Touch" technology, an innovative and modern method used in Fine factories to produce the most sanitary hygienic paper products without coming into contact with human hands at any point during the production process.

This announcement came during a media tour organized by the company on April 27 in its factories located in the Arainbeh area of Amman, whererepresentatives of regional and local media were in attendance under the patronage of Adnan Abu Al Ragheb, Chairman of the Jordan Chamber of Industry, and in the presence of the Director of Monitoring and Inspection of the Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology, Abdullah Sheikh Saleh.

During the tour, FHH highlighted its dedication to investing in the latest machinery and equipment. Its use of "Steripro,” a patented technology, makes sure raw materials are germ-free and protected from contamination, ensuring the highest degree of sterilization. Moreover, during the tour, the attendees were briefed on the factory facilities and their stages of development, and given a thorough explanation of the test center, quality standards, and the company's policy of producing tissue from virgin pulp.

Commenting on the occasion, the Headof Sales and Marketing -Jordan and Palestineof Fine Hygienic Paper Company, Mohammed Al Turshan, said, “The innovative "No Touch "technology, is the beginning of a new era in the hygienic paper industry, emphasizing our commitment to providing unmatched, qualityproducts that are guaranteed to be germ-free. We remaindedicated tomaintaining our pivotal role in the hygienic paper industry, which we have been in since the very beginning, to be the leaders of this industry,contribute to its standards and values, and provide reliable products that help our customers live ahealthy and safe lifestyle.

With a legacy that extends for approximately 60 years, today FHH offers a diverse and wide range of products that serve various purposes, including tissue paper,such facial tissues, paper towels, toilet paper, and many others. Over the course of its work, the company obtained ISO certifications in Quality (ISO 9001), Environmental Management (ISO 14001), and Public Safety (ISO 18001).