24 July 2017

Minister of Agriculture visits Fine Hygienic Holding’s flagship CSR program, Khair Al Koura

15During a recent visit to the Irbid governorate, Minister of Agriculture Khalid Hanifat conducted a site tour of Khair Al Koura program, a large-scale development initiative carried out in the governorate’s Al-Koura district. The program, launched by Fine Hygienic Holding in 2007 and expanded in 2012, is the company’s flagship corporate social responsibility initiative, aiming to promote long-term, sustainable development and prosperity in one of the Kingdom’s most impoverished regions.

The minister’s in-depth tour of Khair Al Koura included visits to the initiative’s printing and packaging workshops, soap and wax production facilities, and food production projects. H.E. Mr. Hanifat also visited some of the program’s beneficiaries, speaking to the women who are actively working to drive the success of these projects.

The minister praised Fine Hygienic Holding’s efforts to support local communities through this successful model, highlighting how Khair Al Koura, serves as a proof point for the power and potential of public-private partnerships. He also called upon other private-sector companies to use the initiative as an example and benchmark for launching similar endeavors.

Through Khair Al Koura, Fine Hygienic Holding aims to create sustainable income-generating opportunities for its beneficiaries, while also supporting the growth of the local economy and contributing to widespread socioeconomic development. Since the initiative began, Khair Al Koura has benefitted more than 6,000 people across Al-Koura district in a number of ways, including economic empowerment, food security, education, culture, youth, arts, and legal assistance.