14 September 2017

“Fine” opens Bait Al Monah Store to further empower Khair Al Koura beneficiaries

12Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hygienic paper products, recently launched Bait Al Monah Store in partnership with Madaba 1880 Tourism Development Co., to market the products of Khair Al Koura, the group’s corporate social responsibility program.

Khair Al Koura is the first social and economic development program that has effectively gained local partnerships across a number of different sectors, all aimed at promoting comprehensive, wide-reaching, sustainable local development.

Bait Al Monah, located in Madaba 1880 Hotel, currently offers agricultural foodstuffs, printed goods, packaging materials, soaps, wax, and food items. All commodities are 100 percent natural and free of any additives, and each tells the story of the passion, ambition, and dedication embodied by the beneficiaries of the Khair Al Koura program.

Fine Hygienic Holding's Social Responsibility advisor, Reem Hashisho, expressed the company's pride in the opening of Bait Al Monah, which represents a new achievement for Khair Al Koura program, now in its 10th year. Through this new shop, FHH is working to open up new opportunities to empower the program’s beneficiaries and contribute to their long-term social and economic development. Hashisho also explained that Madaba’s historical, cultural, and tourist appeal was the primary reason that the city was chosen to host the store, to serve both locals and visitors.

Khair Al Koura initiative focuses on creating real jobs and providing sustainable income for its underprivileged beneficiaries in Jordan’s Al Koura district, in addition to supporting the local economy and stimulating varied sources of development in general. More than 6,000 beneficiaries are currently benefiting from the program, which operates across a number of key development areas, including economic empowerment, food security, education, culture, arts, youth, and legal assistance.