01 November 2017

Fine’s Khair Al Koura booth attracts many visitors during French Week

Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hygienic paper products, recently hosted a booth at the third-annual French Week in Jordan, where the company displayed a wide range of products created through its Khair Al Koura initiative.

In addition to selling an array of high-quality, locally produced goods, the booth served to raise awareness for the many ways in which Khair Al Koura is creating a sustainable and prosperous future for the Kingdom’s Al Koura district.

The French Week was held at the Abdali Boulevard, and was organized by the French Chamber of Commerce in Jordan (CAFRAJ), in cooperation with the French Embassy and the French Institute in Amman. Throughout the week, Fine’s Khair Al Koura booth attracted many visitors, who were presented with an overview of the initiative, along with the chance to sample and purchase the diverse products created by Khair Al Koura beneficiaries.

Speaking on the occasion, Salim Karadsheh, CEO of Fine Hygienic Holding, said, “After our successful participation in the French Week last year, we were eager to take part in the event again this year. The French Week in Jordan has become an important cultural and intellectual tradition in Amman, and provides us with a great opportunity to shed light on the success of our Khair Al Koura initiative, which serves around 6,000 people from Al Koura district and produces more than 340 products, the proceeds of which help ensure the sustainable livelihood of an entire community."

Launched by FHH in 2007, Khair Al Koura focuses on promoting comprehensive, sustainable economic and social development in Al Koura district. The initiative’s beneficiaries produce a wide assortment of agricultural products, printing products, packaging, soaps, and wax goods.

French Week in Jordan aims to promote bilateral cooperation across political, economic, and cultural levels; the annual celebration includes a diverse array of activities that focus on trade, economy, culture, education, and of course, French culinary arts.