29 January 2022

Fine Guard mask technology proven to eliminate 99% of Omicron

Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), the world-leading wellness group and manufacturer of hygienic paper products and long-term germ protection solutions has revealed the results of tests run in early December on the Livinguard technology used in its reusable Fine Guard masks and gloves, which show that it provides 99% protection against all COVID-19 virus strains including Omicron.WhatsAppImage2022-02...

James Michael Lafferty, FHH CEO, said: “It is becoming clear that we will need to continue wearing masks in public gatherings for the foreseeable future. But medical experts agree that the proper wearing of well-fitting masks, alongside other preventative measures, will eventually help control the virus. FHH strives to provide the most efficient solutions that help individuals keep themselves and their families safe, and Fine Guard Livinguard products have now received certification confirming that the technology kills 99% of all COVID-19 variants.”

Livinguard treated fabric was independently tested at three labs using the standard test of antiviral properties on textile, ISO 18184. Results from The Free University of Berlin, Germany, IRSHA labs in Pune, India, as well as the latest study from the Biotech Testing Services (BTS) laboratory, Mumbai, India, confirmed Livinguard to be more than 99% effective against COVID-19 variants and similar viruses.

Dr Absar Alum from Arizona State University in the USA, one of the researchers involved in reviewing the test results, stated: “It is safe to say that the Livinguard technology's physical kill mechanism works against different mutations of viruses like Omicron. As it is already proven to work against SARS-CoV 2, Delta Variant, the technology will most likely ensure there are no viable viruses to be found on masks or any other treated textile.”

The Fine Guard range includes reusable gloves and masks treated with Livinguard which can be washed up to 30 times without impacting the effectiveness of the technology, minimizing the amount of waste produced compared to disposable masks. They are available from supermarkets, stores and pharmacies across the country, and can also be ordered from www.thefineshop.com.