27 November 2021

Fine Hygienic Holding renovates computer lab at Eastern Arenbeh School for Girls

Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), a world-leading wellness group and manufacturer of long-lasting germ protection solutions and hygienic paper products, has recently renovated and upgraded the computer lab at the Eastern Arabneh School for Girls. In addition to revamping and decorating the facility in a festive, inspiring manner, FHH equipped the school’s computer lab with 13 brand-new computers and color printers.


This donation came as a continuation of Fine’s centennial celebration and is representative of the corporate social responsibility culture at the company, which seeks to contribute to educational facilities that further empower the youth of Jordan through technology._H7A0213


Commenting on the occasion, CEO of FHH, James Michael Lafferty said “As a company that integrates CSR efforts in all that it does; what we’re especially keen on is not only leading with purpose, but to do so while having a genuine understanding of what it is people need the most and what we could provide them with that is both solution-oriented and sustainable. Because IT is a core part of the school’s curriculum—and a crucial skill for the modern world—we felt compelled to do our part to support the young women at the Eastern Arabneh School and help them stay up to date on global trends, while giving them access to online tools and resources that will empower them throughout their foundational academic journey.”


Supporting the education and wellbeing of the youth is a defining cornerstone of the company’s belief system. In Jordan, FHH serves as an active partner to leading NGOs that help young people have access to education such as Elia Nuqul Foundation. Meanwhile, in the UAE, FHH supports centers for people of determination, and in Egypt, the company’s focus is centered on providing students with literacy classes. Across numerous markets, FHH collaborates with technical schools, universities, and vocational training centers to offer internship opportunities and on-the-job trainings, in order to equip students with the skills needed to increase their employability and career prospects.


Fine Hygienic Holding is committed to shaping the communities it operates in and is constantly looking for more innovative ways to enact positive change through health and wellness, education, women’s empowerment, and green production and waste management practices.