09 October 2021

Fine Hygienic Holding kicks-off pre-launch phase of its new CSR initiative ‘Fine Academy’

Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), the world’s leading wellness group and manufacturer of hygienic paper products and innovative germ protection solutions, is excited to kick-off the pre-launch phase of its newest CSR program, the Fine Academy, which will be officially launched in January 2022.

Fully owned by FHH, the academy will utilize 60 years of technical and market expertise to offer a pioneering on-the-job training program in line with the group’s long-term vision for sustainable growth in Jordan and the region. Fine Academy will equip trainees with sector relevant knowledge in supply chain management, and at a future stage the commercial field, addressing a recognized skills-gap. The top performers in the program will be considered for relevant job openings at the completion of their training.53c10a00-2808-44e2-a...

CEO of FHH, James Michael Lafferty, said: “At Fine Hygienic Holding we are very proud to be working towards establishing the first academy of its kind in the Middle East. Jordan has plenty of world class talent and at FHH we have the expertise as market leaders to deliver training programs that build on their formal education and sharpen their skills, in order to help them excel upon graduation.”

He added: “We are the largest paper manufacturer in the region and our factories have state-of-the-art machinery which require specialist training to run. Deciding to set up an academy offering hands-on training, in one of the most in-demand sectors in Jordan, is our way of giving back to the community and a proactive response to the current economic situation.”

Candidates must show leadership, discipline, perseverance, and a passion for winning and that talent will be selected to join the academy regardless of any factors irrelevant to their capabilities and potential, such as gender, family background, ethnicity, age, or physical disability.

For the trial-phase, which will be starting this October, six students from different vocational centers will spend three months at FHH’s Areinbeh industrial complex learning directly from the group’s own experts in supply chain management. The participants will follow a comprehensive curriculum covering industry related knowledge and soft skills trainings given by external experts. On graduation they will be equipped with exactly the kind of hands-on experience employers in Jordan acutely need. The knowledge will empower participants to look for work and enter the job market. In 2022, FHH will grow the program to involve further stakeholders, giving even more people the opportunity to enroll in the program, beginning in Jordan and with plans to expand regionally.

Through all its CSR efforts FHH aims to provide long-term solutions to socio-economic challenges, as well as decisive and comprehensive aid in times of crisis. Fine’s CSR success story, Khair al Koura, is a pioneering education, entrepreneurship, and women’s empowerment project. It was designed to promote integrated and locally sustainable development in an underdeveloped community and demonstrates FHH’s ability to achieve impactful change as it is now fully owned and run by its beneficiaries. Fine Academy is an ambitious project at the same level, and an expansion of educational initiatives, internships and job training already offered by FHH. It grew out of the group’s continued dedication to giving back to the communities and countries where it operates.