05 July 2021

FHH & Misr El Kheir Foundation Join Forces to Empower Female Breadwinners in Beni Suef

Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), one of the world’s leading wellness groups and manufacturer of hygienic paper products, recently signed a cooperative agreement with Egypt’s renowned NGO, Misr El Kheir Foundation, to fund and support the foundation’s income-generating and hygiene awareness programs in the Beni Suef governorate.

The signing conference was witnessed by the Assistant of Minister of Social Solidarity, Dr/ Ayman Abdel Mawgoud. He expressed his delight to participate in this prominent event celebrating the alliance between Misr El Kheir, as one of the leading developments and civil society foundations in Egypt, and FHH, the esteemed company in its industry.WhatsAppImage2021-07...

Dr Abdel Mawgoud added: “I would like to extend my deepest appreciation for this protocol, marking a fruitful cooperation between the civil society and the private sector to ensure decent life for deprived families. Despite its undeniable endeavors, the state can’t solely fulfill all inclusive development requirements. Therefore, the state strives to join forces with the civil society and the private sector, forming the golden triangle of development. Through dedicating all their resources and capabilities, they become able to create an actual and effective change on ground.”

Commenting on the partnership, General Manager and Chief Commercial at Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH) Egypt, Ahmed El-Fakharany, stated, “Fine Hygienic Holding has long been committed to giving back to underprivileged communities across all the countries in which it operates. Today, our CSR initiatives in the local market are specifically designed to improve the welfare and development of the Egyptian people, in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030, which outlines a sustainable development strategy for the country.”

El-Fakharany added, “Empowering women in the Middle East has become a top priority for FHH in 2021. Our company has joined forces with Misr El Kheir Foundation to help secure sustainable income opportunities for female breadwinners in the most disadvantaged vicinities of the Beni Suef governorate. Applauding their incredible perseverance and resilience, Fine Hygienic Holding takes great pride in supporting Egyptian women, and highly treasures the significant role they play in the nation’s growth and prosperity.”

Chief Executive Director - Fundraising Sector - Misr El Kheir Foundation, Amal Mobadda, commented: “Misr El Kheir Foundation’s partnership with Fine Hygienic Holding is a driving force for creating added value in underprivileged communities. Over the next 12 months, we will work together to economically empower Beni Suef’s underprivileged female citizens and help them thrive through health-related awareness efforts. Together with Fine, we look forward to elevating the livelihoods of Egyptians across all governorates.”

The CSR initiative will focus on two main pillars; the first one aims to empower female heads of households by providing them with fixed incomes, through the creation of several small enterprises. Over the next six months, FHH will provide technical and administrative assistance to help women in the Beni Suef community develop and sustain an array of service-related, commercial, and handicraft projects. The second pillar involves elevating the hygienic practices and general wellbeing of more than 1,000 women and students, by enhancing awareness on three vital topics: sanitation and disease prevention, precautionary measures against COVID-19, and dealing with children’s psychological stress caused by school closures.

Over the past several decades, Fine Hygienic Holding has spared no effort when it comes to subsidizing Upper Egypt’s governorates via sound CSR initiatives. In particular, the company has provided support to help eradicate poverty and illiteracy, while improving the standards of living across numerous impoverished neighborhoods.