24 March 2021

Fine Hygienic Holding Boosts Wellness Range with Launch of Motiva Immuno and Neuro Boosters: Bioavailability tech increases efficiency of all-natural ingredients

Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), a leading wellness group and manufacturer of reusable PPE, antimicrobial disinfectants, and hygienic paper products, today launched the Motiva Immuno and Neuro Boosters – expanding its current portfolio of innovative wellness products to benefit a broader range of consumers in the UAE and wider region.

Using all-natural ingredients, the clinically tested supplements use a combination of carefully sourced ingredients and bioavailability technology to ensure efficient delivery of nutrients into the bloodstream – a technique that dramatically increases the effectiveness of supplements over the source ingredients.

The Motiva Immuno and Neuro Booster products are officially registered in the UAE market and have been recognized by the Medical Wellness Association, the renowned international leader for medical wellness professionals, best practices, programs, research, education, training, and services based in the US.mail

Fine Hygienic Holding CEO James Michael Lafferty said: “Bioavailability determines the amount of a substance that enters your bloodstream. When applying this to supplements, it means a more effective dosage of nutrients and vitamins. You get the health benefits you’re looking for and without it, you’re wasting your money.”

Developed to help with metabolism, joint support, and immunity, as well as reduce blood pressure and control blood sugar levels, the Motiva Immuno Booster contains curcumin – the active ingredient found in turmeric – and vitamins D3 and B12.

“Curcumin, the active principal in turmeric, has long been recognized as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that can dramatically improve immune status with a host of clinical studies proving its immunomodulating properties,” said Dr. Michal Heger, Professor of Photo nanomedicine at Utrecht University and Jiaxing University Medical College. “However, the issue with curcumin is when it is digested normally, it is poorly absorbed by our body and results in low bioavailability. Traditionally, large doses need to be consumed to have any lasting or positive impact on various aspects of health and well-being.”

Motiva’s breakthrough technology enables curcumin solubility in water, prevents its degradation, and counteracts the low bioavailability of curcumin. Consequently, Immuno Booster ensures considerably better uptake of the curcumin, delivering all the health benefits to the consumer at much lower curcumin dosage compared to other curcumin and turmeric food supplements.

The Motiva Neuro Booster has been developed to improve brain health, cognitive function, and focus, while reducing brain fog and improving immunity. It contains potent ingredients such as stabilized rice bran, golden flaxseed, sunflower lecithin, dioscorea, and citric acid. The product’s enhanced absorption properties come from BiAloe® – the most bioavailable source of aloe vera polysaccharides, acemannan.

“Acemannan is a complex polysaccharide found in the inner leaf gel of the aloe plant that is responsible for the majority of the health benefits associated with aloe vera and stabilized rice bran contains over 450 phytochemicals, more than 200 of which are amino acids, minerals, and vitamins that have significant health properties,” said Dr. John E. Lewis, Voluntary Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

“In today’s day and age, we are overfed and undernourished,” explained Lafferty. “Due to a lack of proper diet and essential nutrients, we are exposing ourselves to infection, cancer, and other lifestyle diseases. Our best and first line of defense is our immune system, and ensuring it is fortified means you can protect yourself from diseases that account for 70% of global deaths a day.”

“What makes it even more compelling is all the ingredients in the supplements are found naturally. All it takes is dedication to extract the correct substances and package in a way so our bodies can absorb it.”