07 March 2021

Fine Hygienic Holding Announces the Launch of New Innovative Products, Adding to Fine Guard Germ Protection Line

Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), a world-leading wellness group and manufacturer of hygienic paper products and germ protection solutions, announced the launch of its latest additions to its germ protection line, Fine Guard, in Jordan on Monday, March 8th, in a virtual press conference led by FHH Chairman, Ghassan Nuqul and CEO, James Michael Lafferty, in the presence of top tier media.Capture

The new range is protected by a patented technology that kills 99.9% of germs including Coronavirus and it compromises of Fine Guard PureHands, a hand sanitizer which provides 24 hours protection with just one application, Fine Guard PureSurfaces, a surface disinfectant offering 21 days of protection, as well as Fine Guard Fabric Booster, a disinfectant that provides up to 48 hours of continuous germ protection on all textiles, and Steriwash, a laundry disinfectant that provides protection for up to 7 days.

During the virtual conference, FHH Chairman, Ghassan Nuqul highlighted FHH’s commitment to the protection of the communities it serves, saying, “Despite facing numerous challenges in light of the global situation, Fine Hygienic Holding was able to act with agility and flexibility to quickly develop our germ protection line by utilizing patented technology to create Fine Guard hygienic masks, and later gloves and other protective products. This goes to show that for Fine, challenges will always be met as opportunities for growth, change and progress for the benefit of our communities and their safety.”

Mr. Nuqul praised the government’s efforts throughout the crisis and their support of the industrial sector also further highlighted his pride in Fine Guard as a Jordanian-made line, offering some of the most technologically advanced germ protection products available anywhere on the market.

For his part, James Michael Lafferty, FHH CEO, noted the need to address shifts in consumer behavior which occurred as a result of the global crisis, “Consumer behavior has shifted as a result of new reality of living in a pandemic, and as a wellness company, we had a responsibility to adapt quickly to best serve our consumers, their needs, and public health in general. That’s why we created products that represent a new standard in germ protection; every product in the Fine Guard line is taking germ protection to the next level by incorporating unique, and advanced technology that not only kills germs on contact, but actively protects the user, or surface it is applied to, longer than any other hygienic products of their kind on the market.”

All products in the germ protection range rely on Fine’s revolutionary SteriPro Ultra technology, a safe, non-toxic solution that works by forming a thin antimicrobial coating that protects against bacteria and viruses. Tried and tested in 140 labs worldwide, SteriPro Ultra has been proven to offer long-lasting protection, successfully killing more than 100 harmful pathogens, including Coronavirus.

Looking forward, the Group has announced its plans to continue with an exciting pipeline of environmentally friendly germ protection products under the Fine Guard line set to be launched throughout 2021.