15 March 2021

Corporate Icons of the UAE: Leadership in a time of great change

If the Coronavirus pandemic has taught leaders anything, it is the need to prepare for the unexpected. Rewind to January 2020, who would have predicted a year of lockdowns, travel restrictions, social distancing, and an unprecedented global shift in social interaction?

Regardless of brand, location or sector, businesses were impacted in a huge way. For many, it was just about staying afloat. For others, it was about making as much progress as possible in an uncertain landscape. As leaders, we must face future challenges regardless, and we must use all the resources at our disposal to plan, strategise and forecast as best we can.

It is up to leaders to stay strong and explore possible opportunities and challenges as they come their way. At Fine Hygienic Holding, it is no different. Our move into the Fine Guard mask line is a classic example of having the foresight to see an opportunity where others see a challenge.

A major business transformation may have appeared a risk to some, especially when there was no mandate or directive on masks at the start of the year. But we saw it as an opportunity, and we took a considered approach to this major business transformation, fully supported by data and evidence.

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