09 December 2020

Fine Solutions’ Fine Dine Program Enrollment Reaches More Than 650 Dining Establishments

Fine Solutions, the away-from-home division of Fine Hygienic Holding and the region’s largest paper tissue manufacturer, celebrates reaching more than 650 restaurants and cafes across the UAE, KSA, Jordan and Egypt enrolled in its premier hygiene and safety program, Fine Dine.

Inspired by the direct correlation between customer loyalty and washroom (toilets) hygiene in a survey conducted by Kantar Middle East, Fine Dine is an evidence-based restaurant hygiene program designed to help businesses and establishments achieve the highest level of hygiene.

The program ensures that establishments are equipped with essential hygiene solutions such as sterilized facial tissues and hand towels, antiviral personal protective equipment (PPE) for staff as well as soap and anti-bacterial hand sanitizing gel dispensers, and EPA-approved disinfectants to protect their guests. Additionally, the program offers specialized food and safety training for all staff, according to international standards and procedures.

James Michael Lafferty, Fine Hygienic Holding CEO, said, “In the wake of COVID-19, health, hygiene, and cleanliness are at the forefront of customers’ minds; they want to be assured that the dining establishments they patronize— places where they spend time with friends and family— are clean and safe above all.

“The Fine Dine Program not only allows customers to recognize and select restaurants and cafes in the region that are going above and beyond to deliver the highest possible level of hygiene and safety, it also gives establishments the opportunity to build their reputation and showcase their commitment to the health and safety of their staff and guests across multiple platforms (on-site, online and news advertorials), as well as increase customer loyalty and awareness.”

Establishments enrolled in the program are visited by Fine Hygiene Experts who evaluate the existing hygiene solutions and products currently in use, then recommend and install world class Fine hygiene solutions and products that are sterilized, safe to use on food, and cost-efficient. After implementing the necessary solutions, establishments receive an official door plaque or sticker and are listed on the Fine Dine online platform to help thousands of customers currently using the Fine Dine platform to easily identify those establishments who are most committed to their health and hygiene across 4 countries.

For more information on Fine Dine and the establishments enrolled in the program, please visit finedineplaces.com.