01 January 2016

Fine named UAE ‘Superbrand’ for the ninth time

Dubai, UAE, 2016
In another achievement that demonstrates its leading position in the UAE market, Fine was named a best brand of the year 2016 by ‘Superbrands,’ an independent authority and arbiter of branding excellence. This occasion marks Fine’s ninth recorded time being accoladed with this renowned award.

This achievement comes as a result of the well-developed production methods that Fine employs in all stages of its manufacturing, including the most advanced health-conscious techniques that are applied from start to finish. Fine uses the latest machinery and equipment and follows the best operating and regulatory programs, manufacturing its products from only the purest raw materials. As proof of Fine's exceptional performance and dedication to its customers -- both existing and potential -- media, suppliers, investors, and employees, the 'Superbrand' title was awarded to Fine after having met a series of challenging criteria established by the 'Superbrands' Council.

Among the most prominent technologies adopted by Fine in the hygienic paper industry is “Steripro," a patented technology that protects products against all types of germs during manufacture by continuously maintaining the sterilization of raw materials as they are developed into hygienic paper. As it uses the latest tools and scientific methods, “Steripro” has received accreditation from numerous independent laboratories, testament to the true sterilization of Fine’s hygienic paper products. Fine also employs the “No Touch” technology, which ensures the highest level of sterilization by keeping products out of reach of bare human hands during manufacturing processes.

Commenting on the occasion, Mihran Najarian, Head of Sales for Fine Hygienic Holding, said, “We are proud to receive this recognition, as it shows consumers of the UAE market’s utmost confidence in the quality of our products. However, this award is not a stopping point for us, but rather it serves as motivation to continue making products through our expertise in the latest and most efficient techniques, strengthening our title as a leading company in this industry. We thank the ‘Superbrands' Council for shedding light on the efforts of companies region wide and establishing an arena for friendly competition. We also thank the UAE for its trust in Fine as a company and its consumers’ deep appreciation of our products and operations.”

Fine Hygienic Holding, founded in 1958, offers a diverse and wide range of products that fall into various categories and serve the needs of all modern-day consumers, including sanitary paper such as facial tissue, tableware, kitchen, and bathroom tissue. The company supplies the GCC market, including Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait, with a variety of products for all members of the family, maintaining its distinctions of high quality and product excellence.

The ‘Superbrands’ award is to the manufacturing industry as the Oscars are to the film industry, recognizing the tops brands around the region for continued excellence. The ‘Superbrands’ Council enjoys world-wide recognition as an independent body that assesses brands and remains committed to honoring companies for their performance, while at the same time spreading awareness of regulations and rules of trademark. The efforts of ‘Superbrands’ are made aware through books, events and awards programs, web sites, and extensive press coverage in international media, such as newspapers, magazines, television programs, and radio broadcasts.