05 July 2020

Almentor.net Launches “Expert Mom Academy” in Partnership with Fine Baby

In a fruitful partnership, almentor.net, the world's largest Arabic content for video based continuous learning, and Fine Baby, the leading baby diapers brand owned by Fine Hygienic Holding Group, recently launched the "Expert Mom Academy,” to provide free online courses for new and pregnant moms. The courses are supervised by the Medical Wellness Association (MWA) and aims to raise awareness and enhance new and soon-to-be mothers’ skills of raising newborns and children in order to provide the best health, psychological and educational care children need from the moment of birth through the early stages of development according to expert-advice and recommended practices.Finebabybanner

The collaboration between The Expert Mom Academy and Fine Baby comes as a result to the common goals shared which focus on improving lives through enhancing general health, especially for new generations. Fine is committed to fulfilling the needs of their consumers through providing distinguished and high-quality products such as Baby Fine diaper, which received many recommendations and awards such as the “Product of the Year” award by pediatricians in the Medical Wellness Association,” as it provides distinct and innovative child-care features.

Commenting on the occasion, FHH’s CEO, James Michael Lafferty said, “Mothers are the touchstone from which all life begins; they are care-givers, nurturers and teachers and they are integral to shaping all children’s lives. We’re proud to be launching this academy in support of all mothers, providing them with essential tools and practices, as they begin caring for and nurturing the future generations.”

CEO of Almentor, Ihab Fikry said, ” We are honored to collaborate with Fine Baby, a brand whose care and commitment for children’s wellbeing can be seen in each and every product, and we highly appreciate their support to enrich our content by offering a special session targeting an important group of society; that content represents an important reference for every mother as she moves through her early journey with her children.”

He added, "We were keen on inviting specialized experts to present the ‘Expert Mom’ Academy, in cooperation with the Medical Wellness Association, offering moms invaluable advice and practices to help them raise healthy, happy children.”

The Expert Mom Academy’s content offers sessions by Pediatric Consultant Dr. Hisham Omar, lecturer in the field of education and human relations, A. Sharif Abu Farhah, and Relationship Coach, Tania Fakhoury. The training content includes 35 video lectures, in which the experts cover the foundations of child education and what they need in order to grow up and become physically and psychologically healthy. At the end of the course, participants receive a certificate of completion accredited by Almentor.net, Fine and the Medical Wellness Association.