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Our commitment to quality is exemplified by our vertically-integrated business model, which enables us to manage key aspects of the supply chain. From our sustainably sourced raw materials to our world-class production methods and technologies, we make sure that we do everything the 'Fine way'. We are constantly working to expand our presence in the global market through our diversified capabilities – distribution, franchising, and everything in between.

Our Presence
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Our Facilities

We have heavily invested in all levels of the production process, operating more than a dozen specialized production and distribution facilities across the MENA region. By employing the best-available technologies, each of these facilities is managed according to rigorous international standards, guaranteeing the consistent quality and sterility of our products every step of the way.

Paper Mills

Al-Sindian Paper Mill Co.

PM 1

  • - Country: Egypt
  • - Establishment: 1991
  • - Annual capacity: approx. 18,000 tons
  • - Machine: twin wire Crescent Former with a paper width of 225 cm, along with 3 stands in the combiner
  • - Supplier: Voith

PM 2

  • - Country: Egypt
  • - Establishment: 2005
  • - Annual capacity: approx. 54,000 tons
  • - Machine: Crescent Former with a paper width of 545 cm. The combining winder has four unwind stands, which allows the mill to produce four ply tissue rolls
  • - Supplier: Valmet

Al-Keena Hygienic Paper Mill Co. Ltd.

  • - Country: Jordan
  • - Establishment: 1996
  • - Annual capacity: approx. 30,000 tons
  • - Machine: twin wire Crescent Former with a paper width of 357 cm
  • - Supplier: Valmet

Al-Snobar Hygienic Paper Mill Co. Ltd.

  • - Country: Jordan
  • - Establishment: 2007
  • - Annual capacity: approx. 54,000 tons
  • - Machine: Crescent Former with a paper width of 545 cm
  • - Supplier: Valmet

Al-Nakheel Paper Mill Co. Ltd.

  • - Country: UAE
  • - Establishment: 2017
  • - Annual capacity: approx. 54,000 tons
  • - Machine: Crescent Former with a paper width of 545 cm
  • - Supplier: Valmet


Fine Hygienic Paper Company Ltd.

  • - Country: Jordan
  • - Establishment: 1958
  • - Number of lines: 21
  • - Total tissue capacity: approx. 45,000 tons
  • - Total diaper capacity: approx. 378 million pieces
  • - Items produced: facial tissue, toilet and towel tissues, table napkins, and folded hand towel, in addition to baby diapers.


Hygienic Paper Company Ltd.

  • - Country: KSA (Jeddah & Riyadh)
  • - Establishment: 1978
  • - Number of lines: 27
  • - Total tissue capacity: approx. 66,000 tons
  • - Total diaper capacity: approx. 285 million pieces
  • - Items produced: facial and pocket tissues, table napkins, toilet and towel tissues, hand towel rolls, baby and adult incontinence diapers, and folded hand towel.


Al-Bardi Paper Mill Co. S.A.E

  • - Country: Egypt
  • - Establishment: 1989
  • - Number of lines: 17
  • -Total tissue capacity: approx. 42,000 tons
  • - Total diaper capacity: approx. 625 million pieces
  • - Items produced: facial and pocket tissues, toilet and towel tissues, table napkins, and hand towel roll, in addition to baby diapers and adult incontinence diapers, all under Fine brand.

Fine Hygienic Paper FZE

  • - Country: UAE
  • - Establishment: 1991
  • - Number of lines: 13
  • - Total tissue capacity: approx. 24,000 tons
  • - Items produced: facial tissues, table napkins, toilet and towel tissues, and hand towel rolls.

Moro Tissue SARL

  • - Country: Morocco
  • - Establishment: 2012
  • - Number of lines: 6
  • - Total tissue capacity: 9,000
  • - Items produced: facial tissues, toilet and towel tissues, and table napkins.


Perfect Printing Press

  • - Country: Jordan
  • - Establishment: 1992
  • - Items produced: packaging materials and cartons, including food and non-food packaging, as well as stationery.


By building long-term strategic partnerships, our exports today reach more than 75 markets.



We seek to empower and reward business partners who share our vision. To do this, we work to create clear, effective avenues for franchising in new markets. 

If you are interested in joining the Fine family, our franchising experts are ready to begin the conversation with you.

Inquiries / Orders


Innovation, which has been driving our success for 60 years now, continues to push us to new heights. To help speed up the process of transforming great ideas into reality, we established a Cross Functional Product Development Team in 2015. Since then, the team has helped introduce a number of exciting innovations into the market at lightning speed. Some of our most notable product innovations over the years are as follows: Read more

    • SteriProTM

      Our patented SteriProTM technology is one of our proudest achievements, allowing us to provide our consumers with exceptionally sterile products. SteriProTM uses an ultraviolet sterilization process, which reduces the possibility of germ exposure. Furthermore, all of our products are untouched by human hands, adding yet another layer of germ prevention and care.

    • DermaProTM

      We developed our DermaProTM technology to improve the safety and comfort of our adult incontinence products. DermaProTM products are designed to help consumers avoid skin complications, which is especially important for those confined to bed or have limited mobility. All DermaProTM products are pH-balanced, gently lotioned, sterilized using our SteriPro technology, and feature highly effective odor-control agents.

    • WetProTM

      As a leader in environmental sustainability, we were the first to introduce WetProTM technology in the region. With WetProTM, our toilet tissue products are designed to stay intact during use, even when exposed to large amounts of water, but disintegrate when flushed. Not only is this better for the environment, it is also better for your home.

    • SmartLockTM

      We developed an integrated system to lock in wetness, guaranteeing super absorbency and preventing leakage.

    • Read less


All our operations adhere to the strictest international regulations, including ISO 18000 and OHSAS 18001. All of our plants are annually audited by OHS authorities.

We apply a multitude of strategies to reduce workplace risk factors through incorporating Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) into all our operations. We raised awareness on safety procedures in facilities, which is in line with our efforts to comply with Global Safety Management rules and regulations as well as HIRA. In 2015, we took this commitment a step further by employing the 7S Framework company-wide, to transform our culture from one of safety compliance to one of safety behavior. Read more

These efforts have already been yielding promising results. In 2017, our accident frequency ratio (AFR) improved by 14.7% while our accident severity ratio (ASR) improved by 4%. Between 2013 and 2017, the overall number of accidents across our operations fell by more than 60 percent. We are moving confidently toward our entitlement goal of ZERO incidents as this goal has already been realized by most facilities in 2017. Read less


Digital Transformation

We are an early adopter when it comes to applying technology in order to streamline services, engage with customers, and run all aspects of our business. The pinnacle of our digital development is our Fine Store e-commerce platform, it provides state-of-the-art B2B services, while partnerships with leading e-commerce portals allow us to reach more customers than ever before.

At Fine we weave digital technology into our every process, allowing us to provide the best products and services for our consumers. We focus on new trends in the IT sphere, such as blockchain, Omni-customer channel interactions, the Internet of Things, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. This is in addition to the high-tech solutions we already utilize like centralized enterprise resource planning, cloud services, business analytics, and unified communications.