29 March 2018

Fine Celebrates The power of Women with Touching Mother’s Day Tribute

Mother'sDayWomen play an important role in our society, especially mothers, who are not only responsible for taking care of themselves, but their families and communities as well. To celebrate the power of women and the spectacular role women play at Fine Hygienic Holding, the company held a special Mother’s Day celebration this week.

To honor the occasion, a touching message from Fine’s CEO was shared, thanking all employees for their amazing efforts and contributions in the workplace while symbolic gifts were given out to female employees. In addition, the Chief of Human Energy, Nicola Billeh spoke to the crowd about women empowerment and the added value female employees bring to the community and the society as a whole. To add an emotional element, a tribute video was created in recognition of all the hard-working mothers at Fine. Topping off the festivities, all women were given a half day off to celebrate with their children and families.

“We can’t say enough about how important of a role women play at Fine Hygienic Holding,” commented Billeh. “The women employees, especially mothers, serve as an inspiration for all of us because of their constant strength, perseverance, and ingenuity both in and outside the workplace. By empowering the female employees at Fine Hygienic Holding, we can serve as an example, encouraging positive behavior in the greater community. Women are key to helping Fine grow, and we want to let our female employees know that their contributions and hard work are appreciated.”